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Disease Management Program for Insurance Companies

According to Armstrong et al*, "DFUs place a great economic burden on society, both to our healthcare system and due to lost productivity. In 2017, diabetes directly cost $237 billion in the USA, a 26% increase from 2012. On the order of one-third of these direct costs were attributable to care for diabetic foot disease. In remarkable contrast, the 2015 direct costs for cancer in the USA were $80.2 billion - nearly equal to the attributable cost of diabetic foot disease."

LPCA will work with case managers and network providers to ensure optimal prevention, identification, assessment, and interventions to avoid repeated emergency room visits, unnecessary hospitalizations, loss of work, and unnecessary amputations.

*Source: Armstrong, D. G., Swerdlow, M. A., Armstrong, A. A., Conte, M. S., Padula, W. V., & Bus, S. A. (2020). Five year mortality and direct costs of care for people with diabetic foot complications are comparable to cancer. Journal of foot and ankle research, 13(1), 16.

Insurance Consultation
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