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Our Service Offerings

The Limb Preservation Centers of America team believes in keeping communities healthy, which is why we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our partners. A limb preservation center may be in the form of an office-based endovascular lab, a freestanding or hospital-based wound care/hyperbaric center, or an ambulatory surgery center. The LPCA team also offers a disease management program for payers, which focuses on saving limbs while reducing costs.

Office-Based Endovascular Lab (OBL)

Freestanding Wound Care/

Hyperbaric Center

Specialized Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

Benefits of a Limb Preservation Center

Center of Excellence

Your limb preservation center will be developed as a true Center of Excellence by following a multidisciplinary approach to care, utilizing a proven business model that improves efficiencies and outcomes, and tracking vital metrics to constantly improve. 

According to Elrod and Fortenberry*, “Centers of excellence—specialized programs within healthcare institutions which supply exceptionally high concentrations of expertise and related resources centered on particular medical areas and delivered in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary fashion—afford many advantages for healthcare providers and the populations they serve.” The LPCA team will ensure the highest level of care, provided by doctors and other healthcare professionals dedicated to saving patients from unnecessary amputations. 

*Source: Elrod JK, Fortenberry JL Jr. Centers of excellence in healthcare institutions: what they are and how to assemble them. BMC Health Serv Res. 2017;17(Suppl 1):425. Published 2017 Jul 11. doi:10.1186/s12913-017-2340-y 

Enhanced Financial Performance

The LPCA team will ensure  maximized reimbursement by deploying strategies such as revenue cycle setup and audits, a robust electronic health record, and a review of existing contracts and billing/collections practices. The team will also monitor healing metrics to ensure compliance with evidence-based clinical practice pathways.

Exceptional Support 

The LPCA leadership team of provider experts are available not only for initial training, but also for ongoing support and education. The academic team will work with the local providers on quality review and performance improvement plans and will be available to answer questions about cases or specific care plans.

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